Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Music Video Deconstruction 3

Band: Emmure
Song: Solar Flare Homicide
Year: 2011

  • I will begin this deconstruction by stating that the video for this song is pretty much entirely performance-based, with no narrative. 
  • The video begins, and, in keeping with a way the editing is done, with a series of close-ups of most band members; a close up of the vocalist who is in shot for most of the video, a quick zoom out from a close up of the drummer, as the introduction of the song is mainly focused on the drums. A similar shot is then shown of the lead guitarist playing, with the initial one on his instrument, then a close up of him. 
  • After these few establishing shots, there are a series of overhead ones, featuring high angles, of the rhythm guitarist and the bassist. 
  • Another thing to note at this point is that the audience in which the band are playing to is significant, and are shown in the first few seconds of the opening. The band members themselves are depicted playing within the crowd itself rather than the normal view of playing in front of them, as they would in a gig. This breaks convention in a notable way. 
The initial shots of the whole audience, with band members scattered around, highlighted.
  • As soon as the vocals come in to the song, the lighting suddenly changes; it switches rapidly from a standard, yellowish glow to a blazing orange, in keeping with the lyrics "I see a fire in the SKY" upon which aforementioned element is depicted in the video.
  • There are, in this video, a large variety of close-ups, most of which focus on the instruments. Similarly, there is also a lot of audience participation during the vocals, and members of the audience, donning the band's t-shirts are seen screaming the lyrics to the camera along with the band member.
  • As well as the lighting effects when it comes to visuals, the makers of the video also included some sort of CGI overlay during some of the shots. For example, there is an outline of a circuit board flashed very briefly on screen during the beginning of the first verse. 

  • As the video progresses, there are many different shots;  mid shots of the audience singing along and dancing, close-ups of the band members and their instruments, and many ariel and high shots, as well as some binary opposition involving low shots. During mostly instrumental parts, the instruments themselves are normally depicted a lot through mid and close shots.
  • During the heaviest part of the song, about 3 quarters of the length in, the camera focuses on primarily the audience rather than the band, featuring many long shots and mid shots of various guys moshing and fighting along to the music.
Some guy about to get a mouthful of foot.

  • The video ends with a series of high-angle shots, done on a crane, of the audience and the band performing the outro of the song, with intermittent shots of instruments and the band members themselves.

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