Saturday, 28 April 2012

All - Final Cut

Here is Sublime Transcendence's final cut for Sunburnt In December's song "Like a Match to an Arsonist". The video contains horror and gore aspects with the main inspiration behind the idea being the 1981 film An American Werewolf In London directed by John Landis.

WARNING: The video does contain flashing lights and extremely fast paced editing.

All - Final Magazine Advert

Here is our Final Magazine Advert.

All - Final Digipak

Here is the final digipak.

Front Panel

Bank Panel

Credit Section

Lyric Section


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

CO - Digipak Additions

I have made some edits to the digipak, and have now included a sticker detailing the contents, and also a spine with the name of the digipak, a catalogue number and the record label on it. In addition to THAT, I have also changed the format of the inside so that there is a pullout/booklet for the lyrics, printed on every page, giving the text more room and also allowing for more images to be incorporated into the digipak. To see the largest version of the pullout, click here. Lastly, I have edited the tracks on the back of the digipak to suit the conventions more and changed the font to a more eroded and distorted one too.

To see the updated digipak back, click here.
To see the updated digipak front, click here.
To see the new lyric pages, click here.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Evaluation Question 4 - How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research and planning & evaluation stages?

Below is my answer to evaluation question for, where I talk about a large comprehensive list of all the difference types of technology that we used throughout the construction of the texts, including software too, and discuss their effectiveness. In addition, I will talk about the use of sharing websites that utilise media platforms to share our music video with the online community, and gain feedback through comments regarding our video. I will also discuss the implementation of websites to help research the common codes and conventions of the music videos we were studying so we could use them in our video; and we used websites like Wikipedia to research various theories, record labels of the genre, so we could help streamline our research and our ability to apply it to our video.

Evaluation Question 3 - What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Below is my answer to evaluation question 3. Here, I discuss the main target/primary audience and what they would expect, but also discuss secondary target audiences as well, the means of communication we employed to help gain software from a number of different people; talk about new media technologies, integration of social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace, and more.

Evaluation Question 2 - How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?

Below is my answer to the second evaluation question, where I discuss a few important topics; the themes, codes and conventions that are coherent throughout the digipak, the magazine ad and the video in relation to other texts, the task's relation to the real world (as all three texts would've been created by separate companies) and also examples of digipaks, magazine ads and music videos that don't have any form of integration, going against that convention.

Evaluation Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Below is my first evaluation question, done in Prezi powerpoint presentation. Simply view as a slideshow, or alternatively hold the mouse and drag to scroll around.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

SB - Casting

In our music video the band members make up for the entire cast.  The band members consisted of an all male, late teen group. We felt it was easier just to have the band as the cast due to practical purposes and for direction it was easier to control a smaller number of people. When filming the werewolf scenes we used one of the band members who wasn't filming or whoever was holding the camera at the time. The members of the band fit in with the typical audience of the genre young males, this is also a convention of metalcore bands the members are made up of young males between the age of 15-24.

When we filmed we gave the band a uniform appearance by making everyone where skinny jeans, a black t shirt and trainers however we did change this up with the vocalists outfit. We made the vocalists outfit appear different because we wanted to single him out as the front man of the band.