Thursday, 29 September 2011

Media Pitch

The Carpathian - The Acacia Strain 

My media pitch is a music video exhibiting both a performance cut and a narrative concept of The Acacia Strain's "The Carpathian"

The two main aspects of the video will involve my band miming the song with playback so we can mime it in time. We will most likely shoot the footage on Ilkley Moor, most probably a forest so it ties in with the music video's narrative. The performance cut will take up around half of the video's duration, and will cross-cut intermittently with the narrative.

The narrative will feature a girl being chased through a forest in a somewhat archetypal slasher nature, however, the antagonist will not be shown until the very end of the video. The song begins with a slow fade-in introduction which will be impossible to mime, so the music video will begin with a slow fade-in to a forest on a moor, and feature a protagonist sprinting through the undergrowth. The narrative will follow this style throughout the whole video until the end, where they are faced with who they are running from. Whilst this happening, the band while be miming the song through hidden playback. There will be lots of focus on instruments and each individual member, and at important parts of the song, so where there is only guitar, there will be lots of focus on the guitars.

The video will end once the song has ended and the band have finished playing, and are all stood still. The antagonist of the narrative concept will appear as a masked man facing the protagonist, and the video will quickly end.

I believe that this is a refreshing idea and will be fun to shoot, as well as a slightly different musical style to the rest of the ideas circulating. In addition, the idea for the narrative concept fits the song very well, considering the lyrics are extremely dark.

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