Friday, 8 July 2011

A2 Coursework Task

For the A2 coursework task, I will be working in a small group to create a music video for a selected song, a digipak cover and a magazine advertisement for the cover. We will be taking into account certain codes and conventions of music videos, whilst retaining a level of originality. So far I have learned various aspects of music video deconstruction. An example includes the theory of Goodwin regarding three codes of music videos. The three codes and conventions supporting Goodwin's Theory consist of 

1. Performance (The singer or band actually playing the song)
2. Narrative (a story that accompanies the song)
3. Concept

Others codes and conventions include:

3. Alot of cut shots and not too many transitions between shots
4. Very fast paced editing
5. Short takes
6. Male/female gaze theory
7. Lip syncing
8. Backing dancers

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