Thursday, 21 July 2011

Censorship in Music Videos

Some music videos which are created are thought to be inappropriate to be viewed on television so they are either censored or banned. Here are some examples and the reasoning behind the censorship/ban below.

- Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls. The word "suicidal" was mentioned, therefore was censored.

- Madonna - Justify My Love. Completely banned from MTV as it had multiple sex or "hot" scenes in it. The main reason was due to one specific scene where a woman's breast was seen with no censorship.

- N.W.A - Express yourself. The words "I have a dream" were censored.

- Periphery - Icarus Lives!. A few profanities were omitted during the duration.

- The Acacia Strain - Hills Have Eyes. Many profanities were removed, and aspects of the video such as fight scenes were barred due to excessive violence.

- Avenged Sevenfold - The Beast And The Harlot. Much of the video's content was restricted due to sexual references, drug use and violence.

- Emmure - Solar Flare Homicide. MTV censored the frequent swearing and scenes of violence in the performance video.

- Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood. The live performance received some censorship due to flashes of blood, and profanities. 

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