Monday, 18 July 2011

Aspects of filming our minivid

We made sure we included various different things when we were deciding what to do for our music video. Firstly, we made sure we included some important codes and conventions of music video; primarily narrative and performance. We got two guitars from the school for the performance aspect of the video, and we utilised these by having two guitar players and a vocalist when the song started playing, doing various actions in synch with the song playing.

Secondly, we made sure we included a narrative. The narrative in our video was fairly broad, with a play on the song's title by people literally "feeling free" by doing various happiness-fuelled actions, such as jumping over benches and dancing around. We also made sure we used a variety of camera shots, including low-angle, mid-shots and POV shots to name a few. We are currently split into two groups producing different editions of the video on iMovie.

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