Friday, 3 February 2012

ALL - Class feedback on first performance rough cut

Today we handed our first performance cut in for feedback. While the general idea for the performance was favoured, some of the class brought up some valid points. Here is a quick list of feedback we received.

  • Some of the surrounding scenery of our location was commented upon; for example people noticed the houses in the background and things, and we will make our next shoot location more out of the way and further from things like this.
  • The red tint technique used in the first cut was favoured and we will use the same technique for the final thing; however we will spend more time on it because at the moment it has quite a rushed appearance as we were hurried to hand the cut in.
  • The video needs more shot variation and more camera angles and techniques used; similarly, our final cut needs a lot more focus on Sam, our vocalist, as he is the center of attention for much of the video as he's the one singing rather than playing an instrument.
  • We also need to obtain more close-up footage of each band member in particular Sam, the lead vocalist. To add to this each band member needs to be move around more, in other words the band members need to be more mobile
  • Whilst editing the footage obtained this Sunday we need to produce much shorter and quicker takes. This allows for more shot variation. These quick shorter takes will also fit into the genre of our song.
  • Finally it has been suggested we contain some black comedy in the performance aspect with for example a band member's arm falling off. We had already planned to have some black comedy in the video in the narrative but it is suggested it is included in both aspects.

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