Friday, 16 March 2012

CO - Evaluation Question 2 [DRAFT]

How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?

For this evaluation question, I will mention a few important topics; the themes, codes and conventions that are coherent throughout the digipak, the magazine ad and the video in relation to other texts, the task's relation to the real world (as all three texts would've been created by separate companies) and also brainstorm examples of digipaks, magazine ads and music video's that don't have any form of integration, going against that convention.

Below are some of the combinations of key themes that Sublime Transcendence have incorporated throughout the texts we made;

  • Inclusion of isolated, rural, eerie setting; occurring throughout the digipak's panels, the mag ad's background and the performance and narrative of the music video. 
  • Similar shooting style and mis-en-scene are combined in both the music video and the mag ad; they both feature bloodied-up band members and instruments in a rural setting, though the framing is different.
  • A degree of image and layer manipulation through all three texts, eg; black-and-white filter in magazine ad,  the layering and opacity manipulation in the music video, and the colour correction and filters within the digipak. 
  • We did actually have a few binary oppositions too, a few aspects that go against the convention of integrating all the themes into every single text; these included the fake blood being present in all texts apart from the digipak, some of the photographs that were intended to be shot having their location taken out of the final product due to their inability to access, amongst other reasons.
  • The unseen, enigmatic antagonist of the video is only seen in half of the video; we will explain this in a lot more depth later in the evaluation but we wanted the creature to be as unseen as possible, whilst retaining a presence, so we decided to depict what it had left behind in the magazine ad, and its location in the digipak, though no shots of the creature itself.
  • The time of day also differentiates throughout all three texts, for the panels of the digipak, dusk, dawn and midday are all featured (we wanted to avoid the night cliché), there is dark and light within the music video, and total darkness in the magazine ad. 

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