Friday, 16 March 2012

CO - Evaluation Question 3 [DRAFT]

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

  • For the feedback evaluation question, I will start by talking about the main target/primary audience and what they would expect, but also discuss secondary target audiences as well.
  • Discuss in depth the means of communication we employed to help gain software from a number of different people; talk about new media technologies, integration of social networking such as Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace and more (comment on effectiveness of these platforms) 
  • Discuss the usefulness of the feedback; not all of it was constructive or good in any way, talk about how we didn't use some of it judging on what was commented on.
  • Similarly, I will also talk about how we felt about the feedback we were given by people, and whether we took it on board or rejected it. 
  • To summarise, we will discuss the usefulness of the feedback on a whole.
The main feedback for our music video focused on these points

  • We took out all the shots where the houses were noticeable by either erasing the shot entirely or editing the scaling of it and cropping it until the houses were out of shot, creating a mis-en-scene.
  • Edited out some of the effects and layering styles we included when creating the video, due to the fact that they didn't fit in or looked bad/not in keeping with the text
  •  Similarly, feedback caused us to add a lot of varied yet subtle effects to help give our video a bit more of an edge, and incorporating new media technology
  • We tried to integrate a four-shot into the performance but our feedback told us that it didn't really work with the other, faster and quicker shots of the section
  • Another big point of feedback revolved around the diegetic introduction being too long and not needed, we reduced this a significant amount
  • We included more shots of Sam in the performance after getting feedback stating that he wasn't in enough; we changed this by increasing the scale and cropping.
We also got quite a bit of feedback regarding our digipak;

  • Our first design for the front panel featured a vector Flash trace of a stage on a celestial background; while all of us within Sublime Transcendence liked the design, some others thought the vector gave the digipak cover an unwanted cartoon-y feel, so we revamped the design totally.
  • The designs were favourable afterwards, yet we had incorporated some found images in the creation of the digipak and we were trying to avoid doing this; to remedy the possible plagiarism, we went out and took the shots we wanted ourselves, in a similar style to the found ones.
  • Another point brought up during feedback was that the first drafts of the digipak didn't integrate many elements from the other texts, though this applied to our first design only.
...and regarding our magazine ad;

  • The main point of the magazine ad's feedback was that the background apparently had no relevance to the video, even though we all thought it did, so we compromised with this feedback.
  • Similarly  the digipak,. the first magazine ad designs didn't involve much integration with the other two texts.
  • The first designs, according to our teacher, didn't fit in with the common codes and conventions of the target audience, such as magazine adverts that would be found in Metal Hammer/Rock Sound etc.

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