Friday, 16 March 2012

CO - Evaluation Question 1 [DRAFT]

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


  • Discuss question, and possible problems and other interpretations of the question 
  • Define the conventions of the format that we have incorporated into our text
  • Compare what we've done with said conventions
  • Compare the genres; our chosen one with other ones and discuss conventions 
  • Summarise

Within the answer, I will discuss in depth these points concerning our video/videos of the genre;

          Conventions overall and conventions we ended up using

  • Goodwin's theory; narrative and performance concepts and the integration of the two in our video
  • The use of lip-synching throughout our video, how and why we did it etc, and it's place in the metalcore video spectrum
  • Close-ups of instrumentation throughout the performance side of the music video 
  • Quick paced editing
  • The lighting of the video, high-key, low, artificial etc
  • Focus on the lead singer of the band, explanation as to why that is an apparent convention 
          Conventions of our digipak used
  • Strong, coherent point of intertextuality between the digipak's panel designs and the music video text itself
  • Bonus features within the sleeve and disc itself
  • The aesthetic layout of the digipak; the colours, the tones, the effects...
  • The credits of who was involved in the mastering, engineering, recording and production of the album
  • The lyrical booklet containing all the vocalists' songwriting material 
  • Copyright information for the digipak
  • A barcode and possible QR code
  • Label logos and information
          Conventions of the magazine advert

  • Plenty of detail concerning the band's upcoming digipak release, yet a tasteful amount, not overdone
  • A vibrant and noticeable background, dominating yet not too overbearing
  • A sizeable band name heading the top of the magazine ad
  • Screenshots of the product
  • Tour dates
  • Internet directories

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