Thursday, 3 November 2011

CO - Discussion with actors/band for video

Our band discussed plans about the video shoot after practice today. Sam and I talked about the location the time and date and the equipment that would be used for the video shoot. We clarified some points with the guys in the band, and came to the agreement that the shooting for the performance would be done in a certain part of Ilkley Moor, and shooting for the performance would take place as soon as we had an .mp3 file of our totally finished and professionally mastered song. Without it, we would have no playback for the performance part of the video meaning we could not mime the instruments properly. Contrastingly though, we will be able to shoot the narrative concept of our video whenever because it doesn't require playback, and as a group, Sam and I discussed when we could do this, which needs to be soon as long as correct planning is done.

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