Sunday, 13 November 2011

CO - Ideal video style for shooting

Whilst searching for new music a couple of weeks ago, I found this video for "Caves" by American progressive/technical metal band Elitist. The video for this song is extremely simplistic yet pretty effective at the same time; it depicts the band playing on a hilltop in what looks like their hometown of Arizona; the scenery is bleak and desert-like with only a few parts of vegetation and I thought about how similar this is to our idea for the performance narrative aspect of our chosen music video idea as well. Obviously the scenery would be different as we'd be playing on a moor rather than in an arid area but the similarities outweigh the differences; both videos, the actual one by Elitist and our proposed ones feature similar shot types, camera angles and more.

This video is famous in the underground metal world already, even though it is only a year old, for the close up shots of the instruments, most notably the amount of string sway and the way the drumsticks bend in the video, as shown to the left. The bass pedals of the drummer's setup are also shown a lot, which is another convention in metal videos due to the style of drumming being interesting enough to show. Because there is no concept narrative to the video, the focus as previously mentioned is almost all on the instruments and the vocalist, as this brand of metal
principally focuses on technicity and the fluidity of the playing

We would aim to replicate this style of video in this way, except we would be using a small amount of makeup for each member seeing as we're supposedly in limbo after being attacked on the moor. However, during all performance of our video, the shot style and editing techniques would be similar to Caves' style as well.

Here is the video:

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