Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Conventions of Digipak CD packaging

Today we studied in small groups the brief history, conventions and the uses of the digipak style of CD packaging, which we are making for our CD as part of the coursework. As a group, we took a few notes on the package style, here are some of them;

Isis's Wavering Radiant, in digipak form, complete with
elaborate album art, track listing and more illustrations
inside the booklet. 
  • The digipak style was created as a more environmentally-minded alternative to the jewel case, which was and still is dominant, yet is dying out along with CD sales.
  • It is made using a material similar to cardboard, called paperboard, which is more flexible and houses a tray in the middle for the CD(s).
  • They replaced jewel cases in a minor way as the material was brittle and often shattered in important places such as the teeth that held the CD hub and the two plastic hinges that kept the case together.
  • Digipaks often depict the band's name and the title of the album/ep on the front, and on the spine of the sleeve. The spine also normally shows a catalogue number that the record company issue every product with, and their logo.
  • The song's lyrics are typically printed on the inside of the digipak, on one of the interior panels, although they are occasionally printed on a booklet inside if the CD comes with one.
  • On the back panel of the digipak, the details include the track listing again (although it might be less detailed than the version on the interior panels), the personnel of the band or artist, e.g who played what instrument, who composed it, who mixed and engineered and produced it.
  • There is normally album art on the front cover of the digipak and it regularly coheres all the way through the product, with art on the booklet (if there is one), the interior sleeves and occasionally even the CD.
  • The digipak can be a certain edition, such as a version of an album that has a special series of songs on it, e.g Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams CD which has a sticker from the record company he's signed with stating that it is a special edition, and also another one saying that it features bonus tracks only available in the UK. 

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