Sunday, 6 November 2011

CO - Tracking updates for song

Today we began work on tracking our song, Like a Match to an Arsonist at a studio based in the nearby area. We successfully completed the majority of the drums, the bass, both guitars and vocals. However, we will need to go back in a few weeks to the get the track totally completed and getting the mastering finished and the mixing done. The song so far is everything we'd hoped for minus a few details, but these can be adjusted when we go back to the studio; examples of tweaks and altercations needed include a tuning of Mitch's (clean vocalist) vocals to a small degree, an increased tone on some of my drums (primarily the bass drum) and some of the guitars synchronisation, because the guitars in the breakdown don't quite match up to each other giving it an unwanted delayed effect, though this is only small it still needs fixing. Anyway, here's a link to our song on SoundCloud, a link to our song on BandCamp and the YouTube video for it.  

In addition to recording the song, Richard also came to the studio to record a lot of footage detailing the processes of recording, as a kind of behind-the-scenes of what was going on. He recorded tracking of the instruments and a quick interview with each band member, and the footage will be uploaded to the Macs on Monday the 6th. 

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